Welcome to Eyes On Apparel! 
Thank you for shopping with us or simply checking out our store. Without your support none of what you see would be made possible. 
This is our FAQ page so if there are any questions you may have after viewing our store you can find them here, and of course if we did not answer your question please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

What size of shirt do you suggest? 
We highly suggest that you purchase a shirt one size above for a looser fit. For an exact fit then get the size of. And for those who wear tight shirts in the gym to show off them muscles we encourage a size below. When it comes to us wearing our shirts we get one size higher and they fit perfectly after being washed.

Can you do custom work? 
Sorry we do not offer custom shirts for teams, events, etc. This is because we like to ensure all of our products are made available to all customers. 

Why do my shirts smell like vinegar? 
Once you open your awesome new piece of clothing you may notice that there is a very unusual smell of vinegar. This is because once the shirt has been printed, it is washed with vinegar by the  manufacturing company to ensure the colors do not bleed out and destroy the item. 

Can you print a design on a shirt color not offered? 
Absolutely! We are happy to print any shirt design on any color shirt you want as long as that color is available AND as long as it is for a bulk order of ten items or more.